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Sustainable Off-grid Energy Solutions

The Green Generator is the off-grid energy solution of the future. A combination of a generator, solar panels and a hybrid set stores energy in the Green Generator. This ensures the availability of energy at any moment, the independence of the energy supply from any energy network as well as availability at any desired location.

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Thanks to our hybrid mobile energy, your generator will only be active if necessary. The cost of your investment will recover itself within a year thanks to the reduction in costs this will allow you to achieve.

A CO2 Reduction of more than 90%

Experience shows that our hybrid energy solutions achieve a reduction of more than 90%. This may quickly amount to a reduction of 3000 kilos of CO2 per week and a saving of €1250 to fuel charges.

Reliable & Tamberproof

The Green Generator is an innovation developed by Maru Systems International Established 2007. Every time our hybrid energy solution is used for a construction project or at an event, it is a great, green success that we have every reason to be proud of. ISO 9001 and VCA** certified.


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What does The Green Generator do?

The Green Generator supplies you with electricity! The Green Generator is at your service, supplying electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moreover, the Green Generator can be deployed at any given location.

What is the generator’s capacity?

The generator’s capacity can be configured as desired. Different models are available, ranging from 5kVA to 200kVA. Moreover, we offer the choice of either a single-phase or a three-phase generator. There is, in other words, a suitable model for every situation.

What is the capacity of the hybrid set?

The hybrid set in the Green Generator can be configured as desired. The hybrid set, too, is available in different models. The hybrid set starts with a capacity of 5kVA and can be expanded to a range of different capacities as desired.

Which hybrid sets are available?

The Green Generator is available in the form of several different lithium hybrid sets. Also, the size is entirely configurable according to your requirements.

How does The Green Generator work?

The Green Generator is the off-grid energy solution of the future. Users can simply draw power from the lithium hybrid set. The fuel cell generator will only start running when the voltage in the lithium hybrid set drops below a given minimum. This process is fully automatic. Every part of the system is optimally aligned to ensure maximum efficiency.

Easy to use?
  • The system is activated with the push of a button
  • With the push of a button the arms are unfolded
  • The built-in mast for a camera or work light can be ready within two minutes ( optional )
  • System placement does not require any technical knowledge
  • In its folded state, or ‘transport mode,’ The Green Generator does not have any protruding parts, which makes for easy transportation!
  • Continuous availability of direct online performance data readout using your own login information
  • 24/7 Helpdesk support and breakdown service
  • Standard with clear and simple operation and featuring timer function that ensures automatic deactivation of the unit during the night
  • Standard with fuel indicator that enables users to see when the tank needs to be refilled

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Purchase and rental options

We offer several purchase, rental and lease options. Do not hesitate to give us a call. We are happy to discuss the various options on offer.

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